Re: REMINDER: GEP-2 discussion end date

Well, since my original proposal for an integrated theme layout, turned
into a heated ui/a11y discussion, and billh made it a GEP for an actual
capplet with code and all, I might as well say something about what I
think it should be...

The capplet would replace the current Theme capplet, as well as Fonts,
Background, Screensaver, and Toolbars/Menus. It would also replace the
theme selection inside of Nautilus, and could replace such preferences
in several other applications, preferably by integrating their theme
configuration with the rest of gnome/gtk, as in the structure I sent
a proposal to this list for. It would also be nice to put some sort of
X configuration in this same capplet, but that will require more effort
than should be put forth, right now. Oh, I suppose that the Keybindings
capplet could also be merged into this. Part of the functionality of
the Sound capplet would also be merged in here as well, but the Sound
capplet itself will hopefully disappear in favor of the multimedia
capplet that I am also writing for GStreamer.

-- dobey

On Wed, 2002-09-25 at 14:49, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Calum Benson <calum benson sun com> writes:
> > Reminder: the discussion period on GEP-2 (New "Metatheme" Capplet) is
> > due to end tomorrow, September 26th.
> > 
> >
> > 
> > I'm not completely sure on what's meant to happen after that, but I'll
> > re-read GEP-0 at some point tomorrow and figure it out :)
> > 
> Remember that GEP 0 isn't done yet. ;-) 
> Basically we need to get together and discuss what to do with this
> gep. To me the interesting question remains what the high-level entire
> Preferences menu and capplet set looks like before and after this
> proposal.
> Havoc
Rodney Dawes <dobey free fr>

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