Re: Adventures in GNOME... X Terminals A-Go-Go!

Hi Jeff,

On Tue, 2002-09-03 at 08:52, Jeff Waugh wrote:
>     This means turning off anti-aliasing, because XFT is client-side (fonts
>     don't look so bad without it anyway).

	Interesting; I've run Gnome 2.0 over remote X to a Solaris box and not
seen so much pain :-) but then perhaps that's down to expectations.

>     It also means turning off Nautilus on the desktop, because the canvas is
>     primarily client-side. Dragging windows around with Nautilus on the
>     desktop hurts

	You have full-window dragging turned on ? outline dragging should be
more painless, surely ?

>     Menu icons are done client-side too, so if you turn them off, menus will
>     be faster. They'll also be uglier and harder to read. ;-)

	The thing is - that, as I see it the icon rendering should be purely
client side & push using X render, and not involve any round-trips. But
then again, since we create, populate and tear down ~2 XRenderPictures
per icon render - this doesn't seem like it's going to be all that
efficient; I'd be interested to know the roundtrip cost of that all.

	Clearly - you need XRender on the client to enjoy any of the advantages
of that; do you have XRender on the client's X server ?

>   - Choose an easy-to-render GTK+ theme
>     That means low-pixmap count, and very few things to draw...

	I'd hope that the theme would be using server side resources far more
heavily than anything else - and as such would not have any real impact.

	Interesting results though,



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