Re: Wierd problem with fonts - parrellel install 2.0.2/cvs

В Срд, 30.10.2002, в 14:32, mike написал:
> I have (finally) got g2 2.0.2 and head co-existing on my system.
> However I have the following problem
> When I boot up g2.0.2 none of my TT fonts show up (with error message
> "cannot load font "ttf font name" falling back to sans"
> Everything works fine in cvs head, AND the fonts appear in mozilla
> (which uses xft2)
> Anyone have any idea of the problem (using pango-1.1.1) 
Do you have both gtk+-2.0.x (glib, atk, pango, gtk+) and gtk-head or
mixed gtk+-2.0.x and pango-1.1.1? If you have only pango from head, you
may have conflict between in gtk+-2.0.x and in
pango-1.1.x (as I understand, you have fontconfog and Xft2). 


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