Re: [Usability]GNOME 2.2 UI Review Time

On Tue, 2002-10-29 at 15:15, Glynn Foster wrote:

> If anyone has any comments, feel free to share them. 

Main lesson from the 2.0 review: this is probably going to take at least
a week to do it properly; we only did about half the stuff we'd intended
to the last time.  (Originally I was going to say "two weeks", but
hopefully most of the work we did for 2.0 won't need to be done again).

Other thoughts:

- We probably ought to try and produce a new minor release of the HIG
beforehand, to iron out things we really don't want to perpetuate into
2.2 and beyond.

- We should probably publish a timetable in advance of what we're going
to review on what day, so that people who don't want to sit in on the
whole lot don't have to hang around on IRC for a week until their
favourite application is up for review.


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