Re: ~/.Xdefaults ...

Michael Meeks <michael ximian com> writes:

> Hi there,
> 	AFAIK ~/.Xdefaults are supposed to be merged via xrgb -merge into the
> users' 'big bag of settings' - this seems not to happen for me in the
> latest 2.2 snapshots.
> 	Can anyone educate me as to how this process is intended to work ? at
> what stage it's supposed to happen ? and/or whether this is a Gnome
> problem ?

~/.Xdefaults only gets read if there are no resources set on the
screen; it's not merged, it's just read as a fallback. The
gnome-font-properties / gnome-settings-daemon probably now includes
the Red Hat 8 changes to set various Xft resources based on GConf

Basically the solution here is to use ~/.Xresources rather than
~/.Xdefaults. ~/.Xdefaults just doesn't work reliably if something
needs to set resources programmatically.


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