Theme-compliance-testing theme


I attach a tarball that, when installed into $prefix/share/themes,
provides a theme suitable for testing GNOME theme compliance.  I have
nicknamed it "Blue Screen of Death" (is that trademarked, I wonder ?).

Note that this theme uses the same foreground and background colors for
everything, and uses plain icons of the same color (solid blue).  Thus,
if your desktop backdrop is set to solid blue (0x0000FF blue) also, this
theme should make everything invisible, and anything that appears
onscreen that is not an image is, technically, a theme-compliance bug.

Note that gtk+ and Metacity do make use of a number of single-pixel
lines which don't strictly comply with themes; these are technically
bugs but probably of low impact.  Icons which aren't themed (such as
launcher icons), applications that don't obey gtk+ themes (such as
xterm), and larger areas of non-blue color are theme bugs.  When
assessing the severity of these bugs, please bear in mind that certain
users have visual problems which cause large bright screen areas to be
painful, so large light-colored onscreen areas may represent significant
accessibility issues for those users.

I hope that this theme is useful as a test and diagnostic tool; you may
wish to refresh your memory of keybindings before running it :-)

Should I add this theme to gnome-themes in cvs, as a non-installed theme
(installing it by default would probably be a bad idea ;-) ?

best regards,


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