TARBALLS DUE: GNOME 2.1.x Weekly Snapshot

Everybody, gather 'round, it's that time again!

  Cool new features rock,
  Testers want the latest code,
  The hackers make dist.

  There was a GNOME hacker from Boston,
  Who checked in his changes then lost 'em,
  His users all cried,
  "The HEAD branch you must find!"
  "Or we'll force you to install subversion!"

Yes, this email is a threat! If a reasonable number of tarballs are not
released by this Monday, I will send yet more Bloody Awful Poetry. I might
even try my hand at a sonnet if you're not careful.

Consider this the kind of police brutality you'd expect from the Gendarmes
in Pirates of Penzance! Ahr! We will dance at you with contempt! Ahr!

Phew. Anyway. Tarballs due - thanks to everyone who released for 2.1.0, it's
looking awesome. :-)

- Jeff

                 "No shit, sherlock holmes com " - Mr. Bad                  

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