Re: new vfolder questions

On Fri, 2002-10-11 at 00:30, Glynn Foster wrote:
> > >  - what are <Parent> and <ParentLink>, and how are they different?
> Hrm, having a look at the code [1], it seems to suggest that ParentLink
> is writeable, but Parent isn't?
> 		[shrug]
> 			See ya,
> 				Glynn ;)
> [1] well, actually, very little code ;)

I did some investigation of this in terms of configuration issues, the
other night

The idea seems to be that the preferences,system, and server files map
to sub-uris and are hard-linked to specific directories, which seems a
little wierd

Also It does not seem possible to nest any other preferences inside the
prefences-all-users vfolder

I was looking at getting all the prefences uner the same menu and sort
of managed by copying the contents of prefernces-all-users into
applications-all-users, but prefences still appears as a main menu item.

This seems to me, at least something that could do with looking at.

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