Minutes for Gnome release team meeting 2002-10-09

Minutes for Gnome 2 release team meeting 2002-10-09

Present:                    Apologies 

Glynn Foster                Frederic Crozat
Karl Gaffney                
Jody Goldberg
Telsa Gwynne
Mikael Hallendal
Luis Villa
Jeff Waugh

I have started bracketing the old comments on action items. It
was getting confusing. This is more confusing to read quickly
now, but I hope it's easier to follow the progress! 


  DROPPED: Jeff to check in changes to dotplan.
  (=> Jeff is awaiting a computer (!))
  (=> Actually a hard disc which disappeared. Still hunting.)
  => This action has been here for at least a month. We've
  actually made all the important changes. The stuff sitting on
  Jeff's hard drive was to do with making it fit in with The
  New Website, when that showed up. So we're killing this
  action in favour of a new one when the new website arrives.

  DROPPED: Telsa to post reminder to desktop-devel-list and g-h that
  "you are here" and that we need more tarballs. [Jeff comment:
  he's about to do this anyway]
  => This wasn't needed in the end.

  PENDING: Jeff to install analog or webalyser on the box hosting dotplan
  so we know what people are looking for/at/over.
  (=> In fact, anyone with widget access can do this. Must ask gnome-sysadmin.)
  => gnome-sysadmin is snowed under. Jeff will do it.

  PENDING: Jeff to create check-list of "things to do before major
  release" and maintain it so it's ready for 2.2.0.
  => Jeff to post his list to the release-team list and then we can
  whack it into CVS or somewhere where everyone can see it. 

  PENDING: Jeff to write 'GNOME 2.2 Desktop Modules' GEP and post, etc.
  (=> This action has morphed. The one GEP has become three: one about
  the developer platform of GNOME; one which is a list of modules for
  the desktop generally which will be a base for future GEPs to work
  from; and one which will be the desktop platform module list specifically
  for 2.2 (when 2.4 comes along, that will have its own). He has started
  writing this (these).)
  (=> Partly written. Not sent out)
  => This has turned into a massive amount of work for what is basically
  "a list". Unless people at large think we need to do it all in GEP form,
  we are inclined to drop this item and just have A List.

  PENDING: Mikael to prioritise API docs needed
  PENDING: Telsa to makeashorterlink 2.0.3 bugs

  NEW: Luis to investigate a possible site for a possible donated
  box from Sun.

Decisions and discussion:

  * 2.1.x Status                                                                
  We have one, we have one! 2.1.0 is out and ftp-able: 
  There's not that many changes in number yet, but it's looking
  quite cool: fontconfig is in. Multi-head (two monitors, one desktop)
  support is in. The new iconview is in nautilus. 

. Jeff will be on the prowl for tarballs later this week in order to 
  release a snapshot  next week. 

  * Bug Status                                                                  
  Luis is back now. But Luis has 5000 bugzilla emails to catch up with...
  * API Doc Status                                                              

  There haven't been many noticeable check-ins this week specifically
  for API docs. Mikael will get on the "making a list of which is needed
  the most" job.

  * "What's Happening in 2.2" Feature Lists                                     

  These are the lists we wanted off module maintainers so that
  people would know what to expect and we'd know how close/not close
  modules were to everything they wanted to put in.   

  Luis was away and didn't collect his list. Telsa was here and
  still didn't collect hers. Karl has most of his and is waiting 
  on some. We need to consolidate these. 

  * Performance and profiling

  Sun have been doing a lot of profiling using Forte and have sent
  some of the results to gnome-hackers: the thread starts at 
  and can be followed looking for the subject "Gnome login performance"
  on http://mail.gnome.org/archives/gnome-hackers/2002-October/thread.html
  Wipro should also be sending results soon.

  There is a cachegrind sibling to valgrind now. If it works as
  well as valgrind, then we should be using it on Gnome as well.
  Valgrind lives at http://developer.kde.org/~sewardj/ 
  * Testing on Solaris

  We have some guidelines for writing portable code in CVS
  in gnome-devel-docs/articles/portable-programming/ but
  most hackers at home have access to Linux or to *BSD.
  Access to Solaris is rarer. So sometimes it's hard to test.
  Sun might be able to provide a Solaris box for testing GNOME 
  apps. It would need a home with good bandwidth and someone 
  physically around with the time to admin Solaris. A few
  suggestions were thrown up in the call but most were "I'll
  have to find out/ask so-and-so". 

  * Version numbering

  The grand ftp reorganisation took place. Almost immediately
  a few complications emerged: Ancient versions of Gnumeric are
  now all over the site. Jody thinks lots of the historical versions
  should be moved out of the way. 

  * Artwork

  There is an http://art.gnome.org/ website now. There have been 
  releases on desktop-devel-list of gnome-themes and gnome-icon-themes. 
  We should look at whether to include some in default themes. We
  should ask usability and arty types before saying yes to any of
  them for definite.

  * Apologies in advance:

  Frederic Crozat can't make next two meetings.
  Mikael Hallendal can't make next meeting.


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