New gnome2 file dialog


	I've just looked at your work and it seems great.
However *please* do not use nautilus tabs but normal gnome/gtk tabs
(like galeon for example). Nautilus tabs do not inherit the common gnome
system font family/size and are quite impossible to read for
non-75dpi/non western displays (and yes this was reported way back in
the eazel days).

	Custom widjets (like in nautilus) might seem good, they render well on
screenshots, but normal widjets are usually  way better from an
usability/accessibility/i18n point of view.

	Plus from a purely æsthetically point of view nautilus look is usually
too decorelated from the gtk one to be plugged like this in all apps.

	Great WIP anyway, don't take it bad:)

Nicolas Mailhot

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