Re: [Usability]Re: folder vs. directory

sön 2002-10-06 klockan 17.57 skrev Chipzz:
> UNIX history says we don't. So we don't.

We do, because GNOME is not a UNIX command-line. Really, this discussion
is totally moot, since it has been completely rehashed several times
already over times, and the words "folder" and "directory" already have
existing definitions in the GNOME Word List
( It's even
more moot if the arguments are only of the kind "this is the
command-line way, we must do it that way, end of discussion". That's not
a constructive discussion. A constructive discussion should at least
start with debating the merits and drawbacks of the existing definitions
and recommendations. Preferrably also on the correct list for such
discussions (which in this case is the docs list since it's a word list
terminology issue).


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