libbonoboui referencing screwup


I just rebuilt the whole lot of GNOME 2.0.x yesterday and it seems to me
that the referencing scheme in libbonoboui doesn't work anymore!

previously, ggv unreferenced all the objects on the server side and the
server (ggv-postscript-viewer) died as it should when the client side
(the ggv shell) exited.

now, someone (the client side, the ControlFrame, I suppose) leaks a
reference to the BonoboControl object and therefore the server side does
not die!

everything worked fine with my previous GNOME 2.0.x build (from August
23rd CVS) and the problem went away when I rebuilt the older version of
libbonoboui (namely the one from the gnome-2-0-0 tag).

does anyone have an idea? michael?



email: jaka gnu org

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