GNOME Utilities 2.1.0 "Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the cupboard "

	    The GNOME chicken factory proudly presents
                     GNOME Utilities 2.1.0

  " Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the cupboard "


                      Dennis Cranston 
                    [you bloody legend]

		       Archit Baweja
         [the Florence Nightingale of the gdialog world]

                      Deepa Natarajan
	    [all you need is la la la la]

	 along with a whole host of random people who didn't make it 
                       into the main credits

		 coming to an ftp site near you

Now for the boring 'whats changed' bit -

GNOME Character Map

	Extend to unicode characters (James)
	Added back font picker (Hongli)
	Insert at cursor (Federic)
	Preserve font across pages (Federic)
	HIG fixes (Glynn)
	Use hex input and output in Select Character dialog (Hidetoshi)
	Update status bar when character buttons are navigated with 
	keyboard (Muktha)

GNOME Dialog

	Use GtkCheckButton and GtkRadioButton widgets (Archit)
	Fixed return values (Archit)	
	Use GtkViewport and GtkScrolledWindow to display 
	buttons (Archit)
	Don't do automatic wrapping (Archit)
	Use GtkOptionMenu (Rodrigo)

GNOME Search Tool

	Merge tabs together and use disclosure widget (Dennis)
	Add search by size constaints (Dennis)
	Implement drag and drog support to copy files from search 
	results (Dennis)
	Improve code for grabbing nautilus icons (Dennis)
	Make dialog look more inviting by adding a window icon (Dennis)
	Add popt command line argument handling (Dennis)
	HIG conformance (Dennis)
	Miscellaneous bug fixes (Dennis)
	Save the world (Dennis)

GNOME System Log

	Use GtkTreeView just a little bit more (Deepa)
	Miscellaneous UI additions/fixes (Deepa)


	Misc fixes (Jacob, Rodrigo, Glynn)


	Updates (Irene, John, Pat)	

Miscellaneous -


Translations -

	All that translationary goodness from GNOME 2.0 (All)

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