Re: How to Click using Keyboard in Genome

On 24 Nov 2002, Aschwin van der Woude wrote:

> Date: 24 Nov 2002 17:53:18 +0200
> From: Aschwin van der Woude <aschwin van der woude creanor com>
> To: textshell neutronstar dyndns org
> Cc: desktop-devel-list gnome org
> Subject: Re: How to Click using Keyboard in Genome
> > I think this isn't quite RTFM(is this nicely documented anywhere?).
> In fact it is nicely documented in the recently released GNOME2 Desktop
> Accessibility Guide


Numeric Keypad Keys Action
1 - 4 and 6 - 9 Moves the mouse pointer around the screen.
5 Mouse button single-click and select.
0 Mouse button click and hold.
+ (plus) Mouse button release (After 0 is pressed).

No mention of
> "ins" and "del" are used for drag and drop.
which stikes me as bizzarre to use delete for anything but deletion
and would be quite awkward on a crappy laptop numpad.


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