Re: New Modules in GNOME 2.2

On Fri, 22 Nov 2002, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:

> > This is not what I said or what I can say - I am in no way part of that
> > decision-making process. There is also quite a bit of difference inbetween
> > some misc addon aplets and similar not working and a major subsystem like
> > multimedia not work.
> Indeed, which is why I made the remark - because I got a neither here nor 
> there feeling from yours.  At least now you said what you think is 
> important.

I wouldn't have bothered about the thread if i didn't think its important.

> >  IMHO new pieces coming into gnome should carry their
> > own proof of portability. After all you do expect things to work on your
> > linux box, right?
> Ehrm, no, I don't, actually.  I try the code, I test it, and I help fix if 
> I see issues I can fix.  For GStreamer, as well as other stuff.
> The difference is I can because my box is pretty standard and the OS on it 
> is free.  I do expect Sun to want it to work though since they made the 
> decision to go with Gnome 2.2 ;)

What when and how sun ships gnome version x.y is driven by a large number
of factors - and it does not necessarily imply shipping GStreamer. 

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