Re: UI Review Suggestions - Preference Dialogs

On Tue, 2002-11-19 at 20:54, Seth Nickell wrote:
> > o Background Preferences
> > 	- Use the terms 'Tile', 'Center', 'Scale' and 'Stretch'
> > 	- 'Color' chip should be right aligned with 'No Picture' button
> > 	  when Style=Solid
> > 	- <Gman> scrap the buttons, use radio boxes and update the large
> > 	  image ;)
> That's broken as hell Glynn. The previews are providing relevant
> information toward making the decision without having to click on each
> item and see how it looks. They also help to explain some very confusing
> terms like "scale" and "stretch". There are issues to work on here, but
> getting rid of visual previews for what is a fundemantally visual option
> is really silly.

Hmm, two possible suggestions;

Scale and Stretch could perhaps be renamed/reworded.  For example,
perhaps Stretch could become Fit to Screen, and Scale could be Maximize
Image.  Or something like that.

Also, for the previews, perhaps using a sort of icon would be best - for
example, showing a larger grey rectangle with a colored image inside
showing possible configurations (center having a bit of "border" showing
all around, stretch having no border, scale just borders on the sides or
top, etc.).

The image previews *are* slow, even on my Athlon 1800+.  (Granted, they
don't seem any slower on a PII 500 at work or a Duron 900 laptop.)  I
don't understand why it takes so long for the previews to be generated,
I would think them to be relatively simple and quick quick operations...
If the previews could be sped up to be as fast as I imagine they can be,
perhaps there wouldn't be such a need for alternatives.

> -Seth
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