UI Review Suggestions - Panel

Hey there,

Okay, so I've managed to write up some of the suggestions from the UI


				Glynn ;)

o Panel Menus
	- menus need mnemonics
		- if we do this, we do it on all menus
		- first letter selects menu item, not activate it
	- Icons for Accessories and Desktop Preferences looks similar
	- Other needs a new icon [same as Office] and rename
	- Sound & Video is called 'Multimedia' in the context menu
		- should be 'Multimedia'
	- more seperators?
	- Home Folder appears as <username>'s Folder on the desktop background
	  	- we should be consistant
	- Network Servers looks out of place

o Window List [menu panel]
	- icons don't theme

o Log Out
	- possibly s/Log Out/Log Out... ??

o Screenshot...
	- is it suitable for a first level menu item? Is it used enough?
	- should almost certainly take a verb
	- s/Screenshot.../Take Screenshot

o Open Recent
	- strange having 'Open Recent' submenu in a group with regular commands
	- s/Open Recent/Recent files/
	- should be able to right-click on one of the menu entries and
	  select a program to open it with, or remove it from the list
	  [currently right click activates the menu item]

o Run Program
	- needs a new icon - hands are bad for l10n
	- 'Run' button and diamond icon don't theme
	- application description should be left aligned
	- s/Append File.../Run with File...
	- when description is more than one line long, the list widget
	  is resized
	- the entry at the top changes its dimension when the icon
	  dimension changes

o Run Dialog
	- run icon and diamond [default icon] don't theme
	- entry at the top changes its dimension if the diamond icon
	  dimension changes
	- s/Run Program.../Run Application

o Panel Context menu
	- seperator in between the two about entries if keeping both
	- too many entries with 'button'
		- possibly create an 'Actions' submenu?
			Actions > Lock Screen etc.. mirrors menu panel
	- s/Launcher from Menu/Application
	- s/Launcher.../Other Application
	- _Add to Panel and _About GNOME have same mnemonic
	- Accessories needs an icon

o Panel Preferences dialog
	- 'animation' doesn't say enough for what's being animated
		- Drawer and Panel animation ?
	- <Gnils> death to drawers ;)
	- Possibly remove 'Close drawer when launcher is clicked' into
	- Possibly remove 'Animation' to a desktop wide preference, then
	  remove Panel Preferences dialog, so we only have one Panel
	  Properties dialog
		- especially if this is an 'Advanced' preference? :/

o Screenshot dialog
	- Frames should follow new HIG borderless/bold label style
	- Replace 'Ok' with 'Save' and appropriate icon
	- headings aren't especially useful
	- preview thumnail should be left-aligned
	- could nearly replace with just a good file selector dialog
		- controversial
	- 'save to file' option doesn't remember the last directory you
	  saved to
	- possibly 'open with <default png handler>' button useful?
	- dialog should be called 'Save Screenshot' instead of 'Screenshot'

o per Panel Properties 
	- Keyboard navigation is broken with 'Position'
	- 'Background' is redundant in the 'type' and 'color' labels
	- Frames should follow new HIG borderless/bold label style
	- Would be nice to follow the desktop preferences background dialog
		- Tile, Center, Scale, Stretch
			- Tile is better than Wallpaper? - Seth disagrees
		- Background preferences should be verbalized
	- s/Rotate image for vertical panels/Rotate image when panel is
	- Remove pixel sizes from dropdown
		- panel resizes to fit font now ie. no guarantee panel
		  will stay that size
		- instant apply now anyway
	- <calum> wants precisely one type of panel before GNOME 3 
	- Position stuff for floating panels
		- Orientation:\n (o) Horizontal\n( )Vertical
		- Position:\n Horizontal: [spinner]\nVertical: [spinner]
	- Corner panel lets you change offset to 0 - if you have a menu 
	  panel, no effect until you get to 16 :/
	- Corner panel Position buttons are confusing
	- s/Screen edge offset/Position from edge

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