Where do the GNOME config files for the KDE Menus live?

I've been researching a customer-submitted problem about GNOME that I've been trying to 
isolate.   I suspect that the problem is just squirreled away in a config file somewhere,
but I can't find it. 

Under a Linux RedHat 7.x environment with both RedHat default Gnome and Ximian Gnome 1.4, 
the user selects:

Gnome launch menu (foot) -> KDE menus -> System -> User Management (kuser)

They get an error in .gnomerc-errors indicating a invalid parameter %1 was passed to kuser. 

kuser by itself works fine. 

I can easily reproduce this, but haven't been able to determine where this is coming from. 
I even went so far as to run strace on a complete GNOME session from startx and then grep every file that
was opened during the session in the hopes of spotting the bad boy that way.   Am I 
right in that I should be looking at the contents of the .desktop files? 

I am starting to wonder if this feature isn't compiled in somehow from this reference from

default, these files are stored in $(prefix)/share/gnome/apps/, but this can be configured at compile-time. The 
user can also create a similar tree under $(HOME)/.desktop, to add or override entries in the system-wide 
configuration. The gmenu menu editor is available to edit the menu hierarchy graphically.

I've done some digging and seem to have found that history for the KDE menus within GNOME came
originally from RedHat but at some point this seems to have been merged back.   Is this correct? 

What I'm trying to determine is where the invalid definition for kuser is occurring - then I'll
worry about trying to correct it. 

Rick Beldin
email: rbeldin bellsouth net 

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