Re: Minutes x2 for release team 2002-10-30 and 2002-11-06

On Wed, 2002-11-13 at 11:39, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:
> I really also don't see the problem we as a community might have with 
> having a few "appointed" people doing ONLY build fixes without asking.

	The role needs to be carefully circumscribed, and be opt-in.

	There are a number of relatively tricky autotools issues that are not
instantly ammenable to simple fixing (despite looking like they are ;-).

	Also; I've suffered from someone doing silent, un-approved commits in
the past and refusing to send patches [but then I'm prolly unusual].
It's important not to encourage some free-for-all, 

> If we as a community cannot interact with each other and have a mentality 
> of fixing things first for everyone then discussing the fix to the mistake 
> as reasonable human beings we're obviously doing something wrong ;)

	And of course that's so; but it's best to lay down the rules carefully;
including a reasonable attempt to contact the person before committing
random stuff, the necessity of sending patches / going back and undoing
it if the maintainer didn't like it / you did it wrong etc. etc.

	In short - we had the role well defined; but then we forgot what it
was, just when we needed to find new people to fill it ;-(



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