Re: lock down features

Hi Jeff,

On Thu, 2002-11-14 at 08:34, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> We should be *very* cautious about adding new stuff such as this after the
> feature freeze, and without a game-plan document (or at least discussion).

	I think the key names contain a fairly obvious plan - tackle the panel
;-) but then I think you're right - nothing like this is worth doing
without completeness as the objective; eg. if you can just navigate to
the place and double click in nautilus - it was all a waste of time ;-)
So it's worth having an overview of the task - Havoc how large do you
see the scope as being ?

> Even more cautious looking at the schedule, and what we have to achieve
> already by January. I'm pretty sure that Luis will object / have a fit /
> break down in tears.

	Bug-wise; adding:

if (!foo) {
	... original code ...	

	is not likely to be the most tear jerking stuff ;-)

> Yes, this is wildly important, and very cool, but the chances of a) getting
> 2.2 off the tracks, b) getting soft about feature freezes, and c) creating a
> fast-but-dodgy design that we'll regret a few months down the track, are too
> great.

	I think a,b) are legitimate concerns, I'd leave c) to Havoc :-) 



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