Request for testing: GtkCombo

I've checked in a bunch of changes to GtkCombo recently:

 - Changes only apply to the entry when the dropdown
   is closed.
 - Some keynav additions/changes
 - Fixed selection problem when click/dragging on arrow
 - Fixed stickiness when switching desktops with keyboard
 - Make it work better when popping up with no selected

With all this churn, there is a reasonable chance that something has
broken somewhere, especially consider the tower-of-hacks that GtkCombo

So, I'd appreciate people banging on the current code in CVS a
bit, especially if you do something unusual in your code with

I'm not particularly interested in critiques of the UI behavior of
GtkCombo ... it's on its last legs, it will never be perfect, and
these changes are just meant to make things a bit more pleasant 
until we get 2.4 out sometime next year.

The exception to this is if the recent changes have caused a
regression in usability for some particular use of GtkCombo in
an application, I'd like to know about it. 


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