Re: lock down features

> We should consider a feature allowing people to lock down various
> parts of the desktop.

> What do people think? How should we implement this?

Definitely important for large installations, I've almost won a couple
based on GConf's potential, but expanding it to true lockdown hasn't really
been on the agenda.

Unfortunately, I think that doing this well will be as invasive as
accessibility support, or even LSM. On one hand, it has to be simple to
administer, on the other, it needs broad coverage and flexibility. Windows
leaves too many holes and makes policy configuration a nightmare. Needs a
lot of planning before diving in and making a mess. ;-)

I lodged a bug about disabling widgets in the control panels if their keys
weren't writable a while back, currently users are stuck with a difficult-to
grok GConf error. Fixing these up in the mean time is probably a good start.

- Jeff

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