Re: the Nautilus context menu

Sean Middleditch wrote:
On Wed, 2002-11-13 at 13:46, John McCutchan wrote:

This sounds like a great idea. Also to a non-computer user
I think pickup and drop are better keywords then copy and paste.

Ew.  People know what Cut and Paste is.  Going to Pickup and Drop for
what is a Cut/Copy and Paste will only confuse users, even throughout
the rest of the desktop (i.e., Edit->Copy in menues).

'Drop' is the same word as in Drag and Drop. The Drop submenu is even the same as the one you get when dropping an item while Alt is pressed.

As you don't need to drag this way, only pickup remains. It is quite easy to explain that drag'n'drop means "Pick up an item, then drag it, and drop somewhere". Just as pickup is a prerequisite to drag, it is skipped.

I hear this way of dealing with items for the first time, and it impresses me with simplicity and convenience of use. It offers you "lazy" drag'n'drop as you don't need to hold mouse button pressed while you search for target.


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