Re: Discussion: 2.2 Proposed Modules List

On Wed, 13 Nov 2002, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> >   - file-roller: Archive creation, browsing, and unpacking utility.
> I think file-roller will be useful even when Nautilus/gnome-vfs have proper,
> functioning archive creation/inspection support. Paolo has done a sterling
> job getting it HIG-compliant and stable - I think it should go in.

I agree. I hope it could get some better integration with nautilus now 
with the new mimetype context menu changes.
> >   - gnome-icon-theme: Default GNOME icon theme.
> I reckon this should be in gnome-themes, or at worst libgnomeui. Ahem. ;-)
> We need this so our default icons don't look like arse.

I don't want this. gnome-icon-theme is supposed to be a base thing that 
very seldom changed, much like gnome-mime-data is today. Having to 
redownload megs of default icons because some theme you won't need changed 
isn't very nice. It also makes gnome-themes a hard dependency for 
libgnomeui, which might not be what we want.
> >   - gnomemeeting: Video and audio conferencing client based on h323. Depends
> >     on pwlib and openh323, which are available at
> Very kickarse app, but, given my experience with GARNOME, I know how hard it
> is to build the dependencies. Aside from those quibbles, should this be in
> our desktop release? Given its special-interest nature, perhaps it would be
> more appropriate in Fifth Toe for the time being.

As the packager of these for RH I will vote against this being in the 
core desktop. The dependencies are just way to API/ABI unstable and 
pain-in-the-ass to build (you *have* to patch them if you want to install 
outside your homedir).
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