Re: Thoughts from FreeBSD on the upcoming GNOME 2.2

> Wow, this is a great reception.  Yes, GNOME 2.1.x is in my private CVS
> repo.  The main FreeBSD ports tree tracks GNOME 2.0.x.  If you're
> interested in seeing what our team has done, checkout

I check up on it every now and then... You guys have done an awesome job
(and very quickly!)

> We have contacted the gstreamer developers.  According to our gstreamer
> maintainer, they have been quite helpful, but don't have the resources
> to test FreeBSD issues.  I will personally provide access to FreeBSD
> machines if anyone is willing to do testing.

Rock, thanks!

I really should find a spare machine to play with FreeBSD on, shouldn't I...

- Jeff

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