RedHat 8.0 and Gnome/Nautilus

The GNOME/Nautilus version distributed with RedHat 8.0 seems to have a bug related to the use of bookmarks. It seems like nautilus checks out its bookmarks all the time. This does not work very well in combination with automount. I do use automount to mount NFS shares on my laptop. The idea is that I want these to be unmounted when they are not in use. This worked ok under earlier versions of GNOME. Now I do have to log out and wait for a couple of minutes to get these NFS directories unmounted before I suspend the system. It is not a good idea to suspend a system with an NFS share mounted and then try to get it to run as is at home....... If this isn't a bug but a feature, I do wonder if someone has an idea about how I can use bookmarks in nautilus pointing to automounted shares.... ;-)


- Sven Ole

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