nearing 100,000 bugs- contest! prizes! drugs! sex!

Well... not really. ;) But we are nearing bug #100,000[0]. So... we're
taking bets :) I have no idea yet what the prizes will be[1], but...
send me your bets. Format (if not in this format, I'll ignore you):

2002-11-01 10:15:36 [10000 Bug Contest]

as the _subject_ of the email[2] so I can sort it easily in evolution.

The contest will close whenever bug 98500 is filed, which should be
reasonably soon, so get your applications in :) 

FWIW, I'm guessing it would be somewhere around next Friday, but... make
your own guesses. Anyone who files a bug between 99975 and 100000 is
disqualified, as are all employees of Bugzilla, Inc. ;)

Happy bug hunting-

[0] We've got big holes- only 63K actual bugs have been filed.
[1] pants, monkeys, eternal pride! Maybe even... free source code!
[2] yes, I got the format from Gerv @ mozilla. But I had the idea before
he announced the bugzilla.mozilla contest[3]. I just didn't announce it
[3] Of course they had one at 100,000, which was... well, before we were
at 100,000 ;)

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