The Cap'n steps in

Hi all,

I will be on vacation starting tomorrow, friday 08 until monday, 11/17. 
During this time Dave "Cap'n Chill-E Dawgg" Camp has agreed to watch
over tinderbox and send inflammatory emails to anyone who causes it to

Many thanks to the Cap'n!  Please be nice to him and keep the builds
green, okay? :)  As usual, you can check the snapshot status here:

I encourage everyone to check the status and, specially if it's red, to
check out the log and make sure you are not responsible for the


[*] On redhat-73-i386 only.  I have temporarily disabled the
redhat-72-i386 snapshots, because they are pretty badly broken.  I
apologize, and I'll get them back up when I return.

Dan Mills, Desktop Ranger             -o)
email: thunder(at)ximian(dot)com      /\\
-----------------------------------\ _\_v
Damn Sill.. Sand Mill?  All Minds! |_____

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