Re: Happy Halloween from 5th toe the new version.

On Fri, 2002-11-01 at 12:52, Xavier Bestel wrote:
> Le ven 01/11/2002 à 15:05, Bill Gribble a écrit :
> > The other main utility that would help is an applet equivalent to
> > "xmonobut", a button-click remapper (touchscreen clicks are Button1
> > only).  There's also xstroke (graffiti-like fullscreen handwriting
> > recognizer) but let's not get ahead of ourselves :) 
> xmonobut is the very wrong solution. Lots of users can't even understand
> why there are more than one button on a mouse.
> GNOME applications should be usable on a Mac, with only one button.
> xmonobut should only be a power-user tool.

Regardless of what GNOME applications "should" do, the GNOME desktop
"should" (IMO) provide reasonable aids to using existing applications
that make reasonable assumptions about the types of input that are
available.  Almost all mice have more than one button, and programs that
use multiple mouse buttons are not defective. 

xmonobut is not the "very wrong solution".  Regardless of whether you
think GNOME applications should use multiple mouse buttons, existing
applications, including most window managers, DO use multiple mouse
buttons, and there needs to be a way for touchscreen users to interact
with them.


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