Re: Happy Halloween from 5th toe the new version.


I'd like to suggest that gok, the GNOME Onscreen Keyboard, be included
in fifth toe for 2.2 (provided that's still OK with the GOK team at the
University of Toronto).  It was previously proposed that GOK and
gnopernicus (the integrated screenreader and magnifier from our BAUM
contributors) be included in the 2.2 desktop release, but timing is
probably not right for that.  However I think that inclusion of GOK in
Fifth Toe makes a lot of sense, with a view towards maybe migrating it
into the desktop later on.  GOK is, I believe, feature complete (at
least for a 1.0 version) and should be stable enough for 2.2's Fifth

GOK makes it possible for people with serious mobility disorders (such
as Cerebral Palsy, paralysis, and neuromuscular problems of various
kinds) to use the GNOME desktop by means of switches and/or
head-pointers and other devices other than normal keyboards.



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