simple but possibly important bugzilla keyword cleanup

After much discussion, the bugsquad would like to change some keywords
around. Since currently I'm on the hook for about 95% of the uses of
these keywords in bugzilla, I don't expect anyone will object to these
much, but... I hope it'll make things more clear. If it doesn't, or if
this would break scripts, or what have you, please speak up; I'll be
changing them on Friday unless I hear otherwise.

Current keyword-> new keyword [explanation]

GNOME1.4 -> GNOVER1.4 
GNOME2.1.x -> GNOVER2.1

These keywords have been used to indicate what version of GNOME the bug
was found in. Hence, GNOVER_X_. Every bug in a package that is part of
GNOME proper should get at least one of these three keywords at some
point, or be closed as being too old if it is in GNOME < 1.4.


These keywords have been used like target milestones during the course
of the 2.0 release process; refering to them as targets instead of just
'GNOME' should make their usage much more clear, I hope.

Also, by popular bug squad request (or more like frequent complaint)
bug_squad will become bugsquad. 

Hope this is clear/useful- /please/ let me know ASAP if there is some
problem with this. Hopefully it'll give us a schema that will work
better going forward.


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