Re: [RE: gnome-session dialog on crack]

On 23May2002 01:40PM (+0100), Calum Benson wrote:
> iain wrote:
> > 
> > Why don't you change it dynamically to the same thing as the radio
> > button says. I think selecting "Reboot" and then having to click
> > "Logout" is confusing. Saying "They're all types of logout" is just
> > semantics (or something).
> I kind of agree with the sentiment here-- when "logout" is one of the
> options, having the button read "logout" whichever option you've chosen
> just makes it look kind of broken.  
> I don't think changing the button dynamically is necessarily the best
> solution, though, as that complicates life for people who use
> screenreaders.  Having the generic "OK" button that covered all bases
> would probably be acceptable in this case, either that or redesigning
> the dialog to be more like the Windoze XP one where there's one button
> for each possible action.

The real problem is that the the confirmation dialog for a dangerous
action should not be the same as the dialog for choosing which action
to take. "Log Out", "Shut Down" and "Reboot" should be separate menu
items, each with their own confirmation dialog. ("Logout" and
"Shutdown" are nouns, not verbs, so they should not be appearing in
menu items, buttons, or other places where we expect commands).

 - Maciej

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