Re: patch to esound to use ARts (KDE sound subsystem) if it's running

On Sat, 18 May 2002, Vlad Harchev wrote:


 The greatly polished and cleaned-up final version of the patch has been
attached to that bugzilla ticket -

 It's very compact now - it doesn't have any duplicate code. 
 Now it includes infrastructure for proxying sound to other sound servers
such as NAS and others - if one wants to implement it - feel free to ask for

 What do you think about this patch now?

 Best regards,

>  Hello, 
>  It seems yet another step in cooperation between KDE and GNOME can be made
> now. Igor Mokrushin <igor at avtomir dot ru> has prepared a patch against latest
> ESD (Enlightened Sound Daemon) that makes it using ARts if ARts is already 
> started for the current user. 
>  The patch doesn't require esd to be linked with arts libraries - it opens
> ARts C API library dynamically using dlopen(3). Full functionality of esd 
> (playing and recording) is supported if working via ARts. Majority of 
> sound APIs supported by esd are adapted for ARts use - only the HPUX sound
> system backend is not yet supported. Of course if ARts is not run for current
> user, esd will perform its functions in a usual way. 
>  Essentially this patch allows GNOME apps (and other apps linked with esd lib)
> not to be mute if run under KDE.
>  The patch looks clean. Whether the ESD can utilize is selected at compile 
> time is controlled by via yet another option for configure script.
>  Since ARts libraries are loaded dynamically, the esd with this patch won't
> have a package dependancy on ARts; it even doesn't have build-time dependancy
> too!
>  The patch was placed in bugzilla:
>  Please consider intergrating this patch into ESD distribution. It would be
> nice if it went into gnome2.
>  Please forward this message to other mailing lists that you think are 
> appropriate.
>  Best regards,
>   -Vlad
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