Re: Tabs for Nautilus ?

Personally, I would love it if nautilus has tabs for file browsing, and 
would allow me to drag a set of files to a tab in the background, either 
bringing it to the foreground or letting me drop files on the tab and have 
them copied/moved/.... there. 
I tend to run nautilus full-screen, and it's irritating to either have to 
resize two nautilus's side by side to do copies, or use key shortcuts and 
then switch dirs in the current window, or whatever...

So if the expense is not too great I wouldn't mind tabs at all, if the 
tabs at the top themselves have this extra functionality.


 > yeah and there's a bug buried deep in bugzilla about it. I 
liked the
> idea when there was still some debate over whether nautilus was to be a
> full fledge web browser. However, I'm starting to be of the opinion that
> they may be overkill now that it seems that nautilus is aiming more
> towards just being a good desktop shell/file manager. Personal opinion
> at least..


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