Re: Question about menus in GNOME 2.x releases - my comments

My general observations on current system

1. I like the simplicity
       edit two files per app (at most)
       categories are easy to add manually

2. I have not noticed much duplication (metatheme does but I cannot
think of any others offhand)

3. Under current gnome2 cant think of any menu items that dont exist
- all I can think of is maybe cruft from a gnome1 install

4. KDE menus appear in a sub-menu (this is on a new RH7.3 install)

5. I certainly would not want to see the abomination that is the kde
menus replicated (dont think kde3 is lasting long on my system)

6. IMNHO the current menu structure does make sense generally.

7. The only real problem is the horrendous system menu which is where
sub-categories could be useful

how about system;setup (for stuff like printers,ppp etc)
          system;admin (for service,user etc maintenance)
          system;tools (for general utilities)

On my RH system there is about 20 entries on system.

In general terms the menu system is now sweet (apart from editing via nautilus)

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