Question about menus in GNOME 2.x releases

Hey all;

   I know that it's too late to make changes in the UI now, but does
anyone have any thoughts about what we can do to improve the menus in
gnome 2.x?  They seem a little disorganized, and there are some
duplicate entries that confuse the heck out of me.   I know Anna sent a
list around of proposals, but that mostly degenerated into a thread
about whether preferences were good or bad (the "Violent realization"

Things that I think are good about our current menu setup:
  * Each app sets its own menus-- any given configuration "just works," 
  at least in theory.

  * We have avoided having too many levels of submenus in almost all   
  cases (prefs being the exception, IMHO).

  * No single menu has an overwhelmingly large number of items in it.

Things I think we can fix pretty easily for the 2.x series:
  * Duplication of menuitems should not happen. (cf. sawfish items in
  "Advanced" and "Advanced-->Sawfish" prefs.
  * Preferences-->Advanced-->Sawfish is too deep, but  
  Preferences-->Advanced is too crowded with the Sawfish items in it. 
  My suggestion would be to name the Sawfish item "Window Manager" and
  put it under Preferences directly, rather than Preferences-->Advanced.

Things that we shouldn't bother dealing with right now:
  * GIMP menuitem gone (will come back in next release I hear)
  * Whether there should be "Desktop Preferences" in the menus at all.  
    We have them, let's make the most of them.


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