Re: Keywords for useful stuff [Was: New bugzilla keyword - 'screenshot']

On Sun, 2002-05-12 at 10:54, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Glynn Foster">
> > I went ahead and created a 'screenshot' keyword for bug reports containing
> > a screenshot/image/mockup in glade. Seems like a generally useful thing
> > [to me anyway].
> Hmm. Okay.
> I was thinking of adding a 'sysadmin' keyword, or something like it, for
> bugs that relate to desktop management and configuration issues for large
> installations.
> Thoughts?

I'd ask people to do two things before adding keywords:
1) make sure it applies to a fairly large group of bugs (10-15 at
2) make sure that there isn't another keyword that could be co-opted for
the purpose.
3) make it as general as possible. This goes back to #1- the more bugs
covered by the keyword (within reason) the more likely it is to be
useful and used.

Given that those things apply, there is very little cost to adding new
keywords. Yes, discussion is nice, but it really isn't a huge deal- it
isn't like you're dictating policy, nor is it impossible to edit/change
keywords later if someone thinks that they would be more useful in some
other way.


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