Re: New bugzilla keyword - 'screenshot'

On 12 May 2002, Glynn Foster wrote:

> Hey there,
> I went ahead and created a 'screenshot' keyword for bug reports
> containing a screenshot/image/mockup in glade. Seems like a generally
> useful thing [to me anyway].

IMHO it would have been useful if there was discussion first and keyword
addition later.

Presently most keywords categorise bugs at a level that transcends the
level of a single module - think of 'keynav', 'i18n', '1.x parity'. there
are exceptions - 'patch' and 'stacktrace' - the first of which is useful
and the second which is somewhat useful (with a rapidly decreasing
usefulness if crasher bugs are rare and have a high priority/urgency).
Screenshot on the other hand - at least to me - sound like introducing
'longdescription' to mark all bug reports with long (20+ lines) of
description. But possibly i'm missing the whole 'why' part of the

> 			See ya,
> 				Glynn ;)


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	in the exact same way that they never did
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