Re: Viewports and gnome 2

On Thu, 2 May 2002, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> No, it does not make sense to have two different implimentations of the same
> thing with different names and slightly different features. It makes sense
> to aggregate the important features into one sensible, coherent system. Yes,
> there are *features* of what we used to call viewports that are not there
> yet, but YOU can help fix that.

...and the features (which I enumerated on at length if you read the
previous messages) that I feel are important were left out.

> Tell us. Not in rants, not in flames, not in unkind comments and ridiculous
> assertions, not on mailing lists. Tell us in Bugzilla.

the discussion seemed to be here so I figured it was the best place to
write. The discussion DEFINITELY isn't on bugzilla. Let's look at bug
79135 (viewports vs workspaces):

It was filed on 4-18

Everyone there seems to support viewports over workspaces and the only
discussion seems to revolve around gnome 2 workspaces aren't viewports and
that viewports were no longer supported. period. No why... no why
workspaces were selected instead of viewports. ALL of the meat of the
discussion was here and it seems that nobody from the gnome 2 developer
side of things wants to explain it.

> > the functionality hasn't been duplicated in the new workspace system and
> > thus, it's is entirely useless to me.
> It's incredibly hard to take you seriously with comments like this. [1]
> If you want to appeal to the interests of developers and contributors to
> GNOME, tell us why your bugs are issues for *lots of people*, and why they
> create significant usability issues.

How many people have written to this list in support of the functionality
of the gnome 1 style desktop vs the gnome 2 desktop? gnome 2 is only in
beta and there are already several of us speaking up. There are more
in bug 79135, not to mention people who tried it and didn't like it so
will remain silent and not use it - what happens when a full release finally
hits the public?

> And please: do it where it counts (bugzilla), and kindly. We're here for fun
> too. We're definitely not here for thickly applied and widely dispersed
> abuse.

I'm not applying abuse, I'm getting rather irritated that I seem to be
getting the same stonewall from everyone on the development side of this.
"We removed it because we thought it might be too confusing. We don't care
about implementing the functionality of gnome 1. Get over it... we're
right because we're the developers and you're a mere user"

Maybe the developers should sit back for a minute and consider whether you
guys really made the right decision rather than lashing out at those who
criticize it?

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