Re: Help suckage for GNOME2 ..continued

On 26 Mar 2002, Mikael Hallendal wrote:

> tis 2002-03-26 klockan 09.07 skrev satyajit kanungo:
> >   Hi  All
> Hi!
> Great to see that someone looks into this.
> Wouldn't the easiest solution be to as Satyajit suggests, let the
> applications just have one entry in there Help-menu that fire's up Yelp
> with the Content-view up showing the help document for that application.

I thought we were still aiming to have flexibility for multiple possible 
browsers, even though we ship Yelp as the default GNOME help browser.

> I think it's a little stupid that libgnome should parse the
> scrollkeeper-data too. Or if it should, the scrollkeeper-parsing should
> be moved into libgnome and Yelp should be calling functions in libgnome
> to get the Content-tree (a little late for this move of functionality
> perhaps). But I think that might be a nice solution, since letting all
> help browsers parse the scrollkeeper-data directly is imho a bad
> solution.

Does libgnome currently interact with ScrollKeeper?  My memory of
Jonathan's specification was that for GNOME 2 the URI resolution was done
entirely by internal mechanisms and not through ScrollKeeper.

In case anybody hasn't seen it, the spec is at: 

There were a few issues with the spec which were never resolved.  I will 
dig up the list, or perhaps John or Jonathan will beat me to it.


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