Re: Default WM theme settings

> Screenshots are too trivial to get in the way of this?  I
 > thought our whole argument was over the trivial 
> differences between two sawfish themes.  How is Klarth 
> non-trivially better than Crux in a way that justifies
 all > that work?


First, I apologize; I could have phrased that better.  What
 I meant was that the *effort involved in creating new
 screenshots* was too trivial to give up on something like

Which leads me to the second bit...  if you read the
 sentence *directly following* the one you quoted, you'd
 see I volunteered to do "all that work" you are referring
 to.  So the effort of making new screenshots won't be an
 issue, as I'll take it on myself.

Also, if the differences were trivial, I don't think there
 would be any discussion to start with.  But clearly some
 people believe that in their current forms, neither Klarth
 nor Crux completely meet the project's goals. It seemed
 that since the issue was being brought up, this was
 everyone's chance to speak up before final decisions were
 made on the default WM style.  However, I don't want to be
 a nuisance, so if the Sun and GNOME release team
 maintainers have decided that Crux is the irrevocable
 default, I'll drop the thread and we can go back to aping
 Windows.  ;)

- Jens

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