Re: bug 86235 and 86241

now, here's some more info:

simply comment out both the call to bonobo_ui_component_object_set() in
functions ggv_postscript_viewer_create_ui() that sets the sidebar
control. magically, ggv becomes much much much stabler - actually, it
didn't crash even once and I ran it quite a few times. well, I tried
replacing sidebar with a simple control containing only a label and
constructed with a bonobo_control_new(label). same result - ggv crashed
just as it did when it tried to set the sidebar control. so, I'd hate to
spoil the party, but it seems to me that bonobo (or perhaps ORBit) is to
blame. or am I missing something and it is just plainly wrong to call
bonobo_ui_component_object_set() where I call it?

strangely, the zoom control that gets set from the
ggv_control_create_ui() doesn't cause any trouble at all...

can someone (michael comes to mind) look into this - I'm really at a
loss here... oh, I guess I'll just have to wait 'till all you people get
back from Ottawa. it seems all the important stuff is going on in Canada
these days; I just hope no one shoots a grizzly bear because of Gnome ;)



email: jaka gnu org

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