Sawfish compilation problem re: rep-gtk wrappers


 When attempting to compile sawfish-2.0 (as part of the gnome 2.0 desktop), 
the configuration routines cannot seem to find the libglade and gnome 
wrappers installed by rep-gtk (which was configured using the --with-gnome 
and --with-libglade flags) ... going into sawfish's configure script, a 
couple things seem to be at issue...

1) The check for the libglade wrapper uses the following command:
       rep --batch -l libglade and were installed by rep-gtk into the 
$PREFIX/libexec/rep/i686-pc-linux-gnu/gui/gtk-2 directory; rep can't seem to 
find them there.  Is there some sort of environment variable I can set for 
2) The check for the gnome wrapper uses the following command:
       rep --batch -l gnomeui -l gdk-pixbuf -l gnome-canvas-pixbuf
    Same path issues as <1>, but in addition to this, there is no gnomeui 
libraries, just gnome-ui (plus the dash)...also, there are no gdk-pixbuf 
libraries there, just gnome-ui, gnome-canvas, gnome-lib, gtk, libglade, and 
types.  So no gdk-pixbuf or gnome-canvas-pixbuf either.

Are there some external package dependencies I'm missing here?  Or compilation 
flags with sawfish / librep / rep-gtk I missed?  Thanks =)

~D. A. Stone

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