Re: themes and gnome (standardized directory idea)

Dave Bordoley wrote:
> Tigert had mentioned the idea of theme authors being able to distribute
> themeballs on nautilus-list awhile ago. These would be tar.gz packages
> that includes themes for a bunch of different stuff that compliment each
> other well. These aren't quite metathemes in that the user is still free
> to pick and choose for the individual component. So here's a proposal.

While we're on the subject, we need to decide PDQ where in CVS we should
be storing standard system themes.  For example, right now nobody is
really testing their apps with the accessible low vision themes
(high+low contrast, regular+large print) to make sure their apps don't
break with them, because they only exist in various peoples' inboxes
rather than in GNOME CVS where they ought to be.  This isn't helping

I think Bill's had this "where do we put them" discussion with various
likely module maintainers and reached an impasse, so can we start it
again and sort it out...?


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