themes and gnome (standardized directory idea)

Tigert had mentioned the idea of theme authors being able to distribute
themeballs on nautilus-list awhile ago. These would be tar.gz packages
that includes themes for a bunch of different stuff that compliment each
other well. These aren't quite metathemes in that the user is still free
to pick and choose for the individual component. So here's a proposal. 

themes should be distributed as such 

	 /icons (assuming nautilus switches to using the icons standard)

Perhaps we could extend this idea to even include kde themes (maybe make
this a standard way of distributing themes). Obviously theme authors
could limit themes to only certain components(gtk, gtk2, etc.) but since
users are still able to mix and match this shouldnt' be an issue at all.

Themes should be stored globally in /usr/share/themes (distro depedent i
guess, but I'm basing this on redhat), or per user in the ~/.themes

just brain storming here.


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