RE: Window size/position.

On Wed, 2002-06-26 at 00:50, JAYARAJ P R wrote:

> Just verified case a) above with some applications and metacity with Jun 25th sources
> and upon doing a save session, it seems to restore the size/position/workspace for most
> applications correctly except for the following :
> 1. gedit - restores the size/position but does not come back up on proper workspace.
>            works fine with sawfish.
> 2. EOG - the app window is not visible. but 'ps' output shows that the process is
>          running. Similar problem observed with sawfish.
> Are others facing similar problem? Do we need to file a bug for this?

I am pretty sure that GEdit and EOG are doing the right thing, and they
seem to be restored correctly when under Sawfish.

I had the problem you describe with EOG once, but I was never able to
reproduce it :(


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