GNOME 2.0 Desktop and Developer Platform Released!

             GNOME 2.0 Desktop and Developer Platform Released!

                    Seger at den svenska konspirationen!

The GNOME 2 Release Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability
of the GNOME 2.0 Desktop and Developer Platform!

The GNOME 2.0 Desktop is a greatly improved user environment for existing
GNOME applications. Enhancements include anti-aliased text and first class
internationalisation support, new accessibility features for disabled users,
and many improvements throughout GNOME's highly regarded user interface.

For more information, please visit our GNOME 2.0 Start page, which includes
links to the release notes, press release, download locations for binaries,
tarballs and build scripts, and last but not least, screenshots!

With thanks to the many hackers, documentors, translators, testers, QA
helpers and encouraging users who contributed to this release. Their gifts
of time, skill and passion have made GNOME 2.0 an incredible step for the
GNOME Project as a whole.

Thank you,

- The GNOME 2.0 Release Team
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