v-b-s rc2 build experience


I've rebuild my gnome2 installation from scratch in the last 2 days.
I used the vicious-build-scripts, and most of it worked out without problems.

But I have a few things to note, that might give some people trouble:

1.  gtk-doc needs xsltproc so  gnome-xml and libxslt need to be before gtk-doc
in the package list. The release notes got this right v-b-s not yet.

2. I had some problems in the build of libgnomeprint, because lv.po wasn't 
   found, but this is most likly just a anoncvs problem. the real cvs had that
3. gnome-utils did not compile, because the following files were not found

4. nautilus doesn't contain libbackground. This gave me real trouble the last
time, but this time linking the one from control center worked just fine:
rmdir libbackground/
ln -s ../gnome-control-center/libbackground .
But nevertheless this should either be fixed in some way or documented in some

That's it the rest was real painless (if you have enough time). But on the other
hand my v-b-s is a bit pached up:
I had to do this stuff to get it working (SuSE 6.4-7.x)
## My C lib needs this to work
# -Werror is triggered all the time otherwise
export CFLAGS='-Wno-pointer-arith' 

## And this one for libtool to find new libs in $BASE/head/INSTALL/lib
# before old
export LDFLAGS=-L$BASE/head/INSTALL/lib

I hope this helps some body to get gnome2 a bit faster.

Martin H.

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