non-core gnome2 apps for release notes

Filling in desktop-devel and gtk-app-devel: this is a list of non-core
apps that have already started to build/develop/port with gtk2 and
gnome2 that we'd like to mention in the release notes. If there is
anything you know about that isn't listed here, please let jfleck and
desktop-devel know so that we can list your app in the release notes.

The list starts with my contributions, but I've edited and added
contributions for others that came in earlier in the week. There are
also some I don't have details on (like gaim); any information that can
be contributed would be appreciated.

> My list offhand [please contribute others, everybody- the longer the
> list the better, I think]:
>         * xchat2 [homepage: , files:
> ]
>         * galeon2 [h: , f: snapshots
>           available but Marco might not want their URL distributed on a
>           large scale, please ask him first:
>  ] Also might want to link [if
>           blizzard doesn't scream] to the mozilla/gtk2 status page at <- use this
instead, as per blizzard's advice.

>         * rhythmbox: h: ; f: there are 0.3.0
>           rpms but no release :) so maybe file links should wait for
>           that :) FWIW, the latest code is pretty nice looking and I can
>           finally use it as my daily music driver. Well, I could until
>           my CVS pull/build tonight starting segging on start up :) 

Also note here that gstreamer ( is based on

>         * had no idea they were doing anything other than
>           java/swing; discussion of the port status is here:
>         * pan: h: f:
>  <- stable gtk2 release

>         * gaim: I know there is a port but I can't find a link for it.


>         * gnomeicu: ditto- I know there is a port [we're getting stack
>           traces for crashes in it ;) but I can't find a link for it.

Not packaged yet, but is in CVS. I think that's good enough for
inclusion, maybe?

other comments:

*gnome-db was ported and working months ago:
*'MrProject is better now in GNOME 2.0 than 1.4': MrProject:
*fileroller -
*gthumb -
*gimp, of course... and much more goodness from jdub, right? :) 

Hope this helps-

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