Re: MDI-Tab-Position patch

This is something that should be discussed on usability-list gnome org


On Sun, 2002-06-16 at 19:43, Mathias Hasselmann wrote:
> Hi,
>         Bored by seeing galeon2's and gnome-terminal's tabs on top of the
> MDI window i decided to create a patch fixing this problem. The resulting
> code introduces a GConf key "/desktop/gnome/interface/mdi_tab_position",
> updates gnome-ui-properties, introduces gnome_add_setup_mdi_notebook in
> libgnomeui/gnome-app-helper.h.
>         This work is available as bug 85504 in bugzilla
> (
> Still questionary:
> - should there really be the "preferred MDI style" entry in
>           gnome-ui-properties -- it's easy to remove th
>         - is gnome-ui-properties the right capplet, should it get a
>           notebook-interface, should the MDI stuff go i
> Rationale:
> Guess it's perception thing (as for the buttons in dialogs): When
> surfing with galeon I personally use the tabs to download pages in the
> packground. When using the terminal I'm putting related background tasks
> into other tabs. Background is the keyword in both use cases: The
> existence of the tabs is an important convenience feature, keeps the
> desktop uncluttered... But the tasks running in them are background tasks,
> they are not important for my current workflow, placed at the top with all
> the important control elements (location field, back/forward/reload-
> button) the tabs are disturbing, gaining far too much perception. So I
> like to have them at the bottom. The idea is: I only have one pair of
> eyes, one pair of hands so I only can use on tab at the moment. The other
> tabs are nice to exists and it's important that they are easy to access,
> _but_ they shall not disturb my perception.
> >From my knowledge others see it as more important to have of a
> window at one place. So for them the tabs definitly have to go to the top
> of a window. Since this (perception + workflow vs.  
> everything-in-one-place) are to contrary but acceptable philosophies tab
> position should be configurable globally. Even with your important
> reduce-the-(user-visible)-options campain.
> What about the posiblity to put the tabs to the left or the right.  
> Not nearly as neccessary for me as the top vs. bottom choice even if I
> prefer to have editor tabs at the left - simply since I maximize editor
> windows vertically and having the editor tabs on the left saves space, is
> more readable. But well, since gedit doesn't have syntax+brace
> highlighting I'll stay with nedit and let my window manager place
> miniicons for each editor window at the left desktop border... ;-)
> Ciao,
> Mathias
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